The 6 Secrets of Good Sales Copy

As much as I would love to think that you are reading this sentence because you saw that the post was written by me and you went ‘ oh totally wicked dude- I love Alex’s stuff’ I know this is not the case. One because you are not a Ninja Turtle (really, does anyone speak like that?), and two because the reason you are actually reading this is to do with the first secret of good sales copy pay per install affiliate.

Copywriting is a billion dollar business, and there are thousands of books written on the subject. Needless to say it is critical to your marketing success and whether you like it or not – good sales copy is something you are going to have to come to grips with. So let’s look at the five elements or ‘secrets’ that make up a well written piece of copy.

Sales Copy Secret 1: People buy for emotional reasons, not logical ones

When you saw the post title you immediately thought of all the ways you might possible profit from reading this information, so it aroused your sense of Greed, and perhaps laziness. As much as you would like to think that the reason you are reading this is because of the logical education you were going to receive, you are very much mistaken. Remember, when you are writing your sales copy – trigger this emotion, because then you will have the reader thinking not about the product or the service but about the ‘what’s in it for me’ aspect.

Sales Copy Secret 2: Help the reader picture and feel EVERYTHING

No matter how powerful your emotional trigger, pretty soon logic is going to come to the party – and that’s where the power of imagery comes into the copy. It is not enough to simply make a promise in your copy, you need to help the reader picture it in their minds. You have to help them see it and feel it, and a good copywriter will have you believing that you can taste it too – because then you will allow the logic to subside again. It’s not that logic is a bad thing, not at all – it’s just that logic is best friends with skepticism, and if you let them in – pretty soon there will be a hundred reasons to not believe a word you are saying.

Just think of the last commercial you saw for any new car. Lots of luxury, happy scenes and scantily clad men and women, groovy music and funky sets. I think I saw a car in one of the scenes, but then it could have been a passing bus? Does any of this have anything to do with cars??! No, but it sure as hell helps sell them! Help your reader picture the awesomeness about your product or service – don’t just tell them about it.

Good copy should make the promise of what your product or service can do a reality that the reader can picture and apply to their own circumstance
Sales Copy Secret 3: Now apply the logical proof

Logic has to enter the fray at some point. No one makes a decision from start to end without ever applying logic (OK I just thought of every woman I have ever known in a shoe store and realised my statement is simply not true, but for the sake of argument -it is!) The difference here though, and the secret to Good sales copy is in the ability to give logical reasons to help justify the emotional decisions they are making.

This is where you can combine good copy with Testimonials, real world examples, and stories of success that they can relate to. Stories that combine to provide a logical reason for acting on the emotional decision you are already helping them make basically.

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