Motorized Foot Scooters

A new regulation exceeded inside the 2005 legislative session (Laws 2005, bankruptcy a hundred thirty five) normally gives to
motorized foot scooters the identical rights and duties as bicycles on streets and highways. This
law takes effect August 1, 2005.
What is a
“motorized foot
The new law defines “motorized foot scooters” as motors that:
have handlebars;
can be both stood on or sat on by means of the operator (saddle optionally available);
are powered via an electric powered motor or internal combustion engine this is
able to powering the tool without or with human propulsion; and
have both (1) wheels no extra than 10 inches in diameter, or (2) an engine
this is capable of a maximum pace of not greater than 15 miles in keeping with hour on
a flat floor.
What is and isn’t
Most devices typically regarded as “scooters” which have a few sort of motor are
covered within the definition of “motorized foot scooter.” However, the brand new law
doesn’t cover a few different gadgets which are sometimes referred to as motorized
scooters or motor scooters. These include the subsequent:
“Step-thru” motor scooters along with Vespas and comparable automobiles. These
must be registered as motorcycles. Operators ought to have a motive force’s license
with a bike endorsement and ought to put on a helmet if underneath age 18.
Many “pocket bikes” and “mini-choppers” that have wheels over 10 inches
and a speed functionality over 15 mph. These too are handled as bikes.
Motorized bicycles or “mopeds,” which might be bicycles that also have
attached electric or liquid-fuelled automobiles and feature a maximum pace
capability of 30 mph. These have to be registered as motorized bicycles and
may be operated on either a driver’s license or a motorized bicycle permit.
“Segways” (human transporters), that are exempt from registration and
require no driving force’s license.
Motorized foot
scooters are handled
as bicycles
The new law generally treats motorized foot scooters as bicycles, which means that
their operators have the identical rights and obligations as bicyclists. This
method that those vehicles can be operated on streets and highways with out a
motive force’s license and with out the automobile being registered, certified, or insured.
The Research Department of the Minnesota House of Representatives is a nonpartisan workplace providing legislative,
criminal, and records services to the whole House.
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Drivers of
motorized foot
scooters ought to follow
positive running
There are some operating regulations for motorized foot scooters that observe on every occasion
the automobile is operated on a public street or dual carriageway.
Sidewalks. Motorized scooters won’t be operated on sidewalks besides
whilst necessary to head on or off adjoining property.
Passengers. A motorized scooter cannot convey absolutely everyone but the operator.
Helmets. An operator of a motorized scooter who is under age 18 should put on
a helmet accepted by using the Department of Public Safety.
Minimum age. A character need to be at the least 12 years antique to function a motorized
scooter on public streets and highways.
Lights. A motorized scooter need to have a headlight and taillight that meet
Department of Public Safety standards if it’s far operated whilst lights are required
on cars (from sundown to dawn, and whenever climate or different atmospheric
conditions which includes fog or smoke lessen visibility to 500 ft).
Riding. Operators must experience as close as viable to the proper-hand diminish or
edge of the roadway, except to bypass some other vehicle or avoid impediments. The
operator of a motorized scooter creating a left turn have to dismount at the righthand lessen and cross the roadway strolling; that man or woman is likewise situation to any
pedestrian restrictions. Riders must trip inside the identical route as adjacent traffic,
even when on a shoulder. Riders can also trip up to two abreast.
Bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, and bicycle trails. Motorized foot scooters might also
be operated on bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, bicycle trails, and bikeways unless
(1) the path, lane, path, or bikeway is reserved exclusively for nonmotorized
visitors, or (2) the course, lane, path, or bikeway is below local jurisdiction and that
neighborhood jurisdiction prohibits their use.

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