How to Choose the Right Flooring

Today’s flooring provides myriad options for your property, which creates even greater questions about the exceptional floors for dwelling, kitchen and bath regions. Our guide allows you explore the benefits of every selection for your own home.

Table of Contents
Features and Benefits
Solid Hardwood
Engineered Hardwood
Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Tile
Sheet Vinyl/Vinyl Tile/Vinyl Plank
Before You Buy
Features and Benefits
Improved technology and production means that floors options are better than ever, with more than one shades, patterns and textures to be had in every material.

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Solid Hardwood
A residing room with a hearth, geometric wallpaper, throw pillows and light hardwood floors.
Can be sanded and refinished, so you won’t must worry approximately replacements
Considered the exceptional of the best in flooring
Adds to a domestic’s price for a higher resale rate
Offers a ramification of colours, finishes and species to suit your fashion
Different degrees of sturdiness to help your property’s pastime stage
Easy to clean; no extra embarrassment over carpet stains
Some insulation homes lessen drafts and might decrease strength payments
Some hardwood floors can be glued without delay to concrete
If the floor has a urethane aluminum oxide finish, it’s stain- and spill-resistant
Hardwood Flooring Buying Guide

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A dwelling room nook with a linen chair, striped blanket and okayplank laminate floors.
Scratch-resistant and durable
Click-collectively set up makes set up short and smooth
Low fee
Low-protection, smooth to smooth and stain-resistant
May be hooked up over most present flooring
Resists fading from UV light
Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

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Engineered Hardwood
A own family in a white kitchen with open shelving, shiplap and hickory engineered hardwood flooring.
Expands and contracts much less than stable hardwood, permitting installation on all degrees of the house, along with the basement
Available in a diffusion of colours, finishes and species
Costs much less than strong hardwood
Easier installation than conventional solid hardwood
May be set up over a concrete slab
May be used with radiant warmth
If the ground has a urethane aluminum oxide end, it is stain- and scratch-resistant
Hardwood Flooring Buying Guide

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Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Tile
A modern-day dwelling room with a fireplace, black framed home windows and white porcelain stone-appearance tile.
Waterproof so it is exact for use in kitchens, bathrooms and basements
Low protection
Increases a domestic’s price for stepped forward resale
Offers steady shade in the course of the tile, no longer simply on the floor
New patterns, colours and textures, like wooden-appearance tile, make it an attractive option for each room
Relatively smooth repair; best update damaged portions, no longer the whole ground
Easy installation
Can be installed outside on patios, round pools and in direct sunlight
Tile Buying Guide

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Sheet Vinyl/Vinyl Tile/Vinyl Plank
An entryway with white moulding, trellis wallpaper and light maple luxurious vinyl plank flooring.
Attractive and cheap
Available in a selection of colors, in addition to sensible looking patterns and textures
May be mounted over maximum existing floors
Make the floor greater surprise-absorbent, critical while standing for lengthy intervals or by chance dropping dishes
Peel-and-stick vinyl tile is also to be had for even less complicated installation
Stain- and water resistant

Luxury Vinyl

Easy installation
Waterproof, so it’s splendid for any room, along with lavatories and kitchens
Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide

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A little girl in a bed room with a striped teepee, shelving and plush cream carpet.
Soundproofing traits make it the quietest floors desire
Insulation homes might also decrease strength bills
Comfortable for naked toes and creating that relaxed, right-at-domestic feeling
Cushions falls in houses with toddlers or seniors
Creates fashion flexibility courtesy of limitless colours, styles and piles
Covers uneven subfloors and adjusts to choppy walls without difficulty
Carpet Buying Guide

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Before You Buy
Carefully bear in mind the place of your new floor. Is it under, on or above grade? Basements are prone to floor moisture, so your floors preference can be exceptional for a bed room on the second one or third ground.
Likewise, kitchens and toilets are vulnerable to water harm and humid conditions, which should be a heavy issue to your selection-making procedure.
Note whether the vicinity you’re putting the flooring has (or can have) radiant warmness. Some floors substances aren’t like minded, so make it acknowledged early in the buying process.
Also, make certain to have a look at the space at some point of the day. Does it get a variety of direct sun? UV light can fade or darken positive floors, so look for resistant products.
Take designated measurements and create a drawing (on scale is superior, if feasible) inclusive of doors, fireplaces, built-ins or other shape that alternate the floor’s float.
To calculate your room’s square pictures, multiply period by means of width. If you’ve got an irregularly shaped room, divide the location into smaller squares and rectangles, calculating the rectangular photos of each, then add the square footage of each place together for the room’s total rectangular photos.
But don’t depend absolutely in this calculation. It’s constantly clever to buy 10% extra flooring than what you observed you need. This allows for errors and terrible portions. Plus a touch extra flooring handy is terrific for maintenance down the street. Keep some cartons of your product in an area wherein the temperature and moisture may not harm the floors, like beneath the bed or within the top of a closet. This continues the product without difficulty acclimated and available should you want it.
Whichever flooring options you choose, purchase coordinating mouldings, transitions and accessories to finish your venture. Look for zone rounds, T-mouldings, thresholds, reducers, wall base, four-in-one molding, underlayment and care/protection accessories.

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