Dealing With Teen Video Game Obsession

If you haven’t heard of the Nintendo Wii console, we have just one question for you. where have you been?! This new gaming system made its debut with the arrival of Microsoft’s new Xbox consoles on the market. But what makes this system so popular is that it is the first system to incorporate virtual reality into the living room.

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This, combined with Nintendo’s dedication to producing game stuff for the whole family rather than the complex games found on the market (for other systems) today.

This article describes some accessories and games available that everyone can enjoy.

Wii system. Welcome back to the family fun with this console. For only $ 249, the whole family can have fun and physically interact with the precious games of the time using Nintendo’s exclusive wrist strap controller. Anyone regardless of skill level can enjoy this new machine and it comes with a free Wii Sports game cartridge.

Wii accessories. If you are still “old school” and prefer the classic Nintendo-style console, don’t worry. It’s still available and costs no more than $ 19.99. But if you can’t wait to try the Wii Remote, get one, two, or three for $ 40 each. The Wii Nunchuck controller will cost you about $ 19.99, but both the Nunchuck and the remote will give you hours of fun as you work your way through your favorite games.

Of course, all of these games could justify buying a Wii Air cooler ($ 14.99) or a Wii Charge Station ($ 29.99). And you definitely don’t want to exit the game without saving your place! You can purchase a 1 GB SD Memory Card ($ 39.99) or a 2 GB SD Memory Card ($ 59.99) made by SanDisk and continue where you left off later.

To make sure your Wii controller fits comfortably on the back of your TV, you can purchase the Wii Component Cable Pack for $ 29.99.

Wii games. Are you looking for games? We’ve divided this part of our guide into two parts: one for children and one for adults. Be careful when purchasing Wii games for players under the age of 18.

Note: Legend of the Dragon and Zelda were rated Teen T. The Godfather, Scarface and Mortal Combat were rated M by Maduro. The Godfather and Scarface both simulate scenes from their movies and the violence continues with them. Mortal Combat is designed to appeal to a “violence-hungry” audience.

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