Log Home Mistakes Ebook Review

Ok, you are ready to build a log home. If you are not going to build it yourself, it mean you will hire a builder. And because of that, you need to know what to ask, what to look for.

This is true when you build a house, and even more important when you build a log home. Why? Because there are not as many builders available around, weblogright so you need to be careful to pick the right one. After all, you are building your dream home here, you don’t want the dream to crash because you made too many mistakes along the way?

First, a little about the author of the book.

I work on the web all the time, so I know there are many people online who write ebooks and just don’t know what they are talking about. The worst subject for this is the web marketing area, where people are complete newbie, but they write and try to sell a book about becoming rich on the web… yeah right!

So, each time a see a new book, I always check first the author’s bio. And David Leach is nowhere near being a newbie. He has been around the log home subject for nearly 20 years. Now, this is not enough for me as it is. Whet impresses me the most is that he has been on every side of the fence : a consumer AND a distributor. He lost his first log home because of mistakes he could have avoided.

This is what he shares with you in his ebook : the story of his own life.

Now, of course, we all know the guy wrote the book to make money, that is why someone build a business (usually!), but I have spoken with Dave, and he really has a huge passion about log home, but the most important thing is, he really, really want to help people go through the hard times he had to go through in order to be able to write his book.

What will the book help you with?

First, it will help you find the best land for your dream log home. What’s the point in having a beautiful log home, if you have to spend more on the land then on the house itself, or if your location is not perfect?

In David’s book, you will also learn how to select the best log home contractor for your project. Unless you plan on doing the house completely by yourself, you will need to find a provider so this is a crucial step you don’t want to read to quickly.

So, my final review of the book : It is definitely a good bang for the buck. You are probably going to spend more then 100 000$ on your log home, so this tiny investment is, in my humble opinion, really this, an INVESTMENT you just cannot afford to skip.


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